Sheepskin Washing Instructions

1 ) Remove metal hooks from seatcovers

2) Place sheepskin in washing machine (An oversized washer may be necessary).

3) Using cold water and gentle cycle settings, wash sheepskin with approximately 2 ounces of shampoo. DO NOT USE LAUNDRY DETERGENT OR WOOLITE! Both can ruin the skins. We recommend Kookaburra, a mild shampoo with conditioner specifically designed for sheepskin products.

4) Sheepskin can be partially dried in the dryer on a gentle air setting to speed the drying process, DO NOT USE ANY HEAT AT ANY POINT IN THE CLEANING PROCESS!

5) Finish drying the skin by hanging it or laying it fleece down out of direct sunlight. Carefully comb the fleece in one direction while it is still wet. Make sure that the sheepskin is dried completely before using.

6) When the skin is dry, use a steel (pet) brush to bring back to original straight haired appearance. When brushing use short upward strokes and be careful not to pull the fleece hard.


*Heat will make the sheepskin shrink, causing irreparable damage.

Sheepskin can be taken to most dry cleaners. We are not liable for any damage to sheepskins incurred during the cleaning process.